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Eggs differ greatly. Gotlandsägg are 100% free range, both conventionally and organically (KRAV) produced.


Free Range Indoor Eggs

Eggs from free-range indoor hens with no more than 9 hens per square meter. They all have access to perches and nesting boxes as well as food and water 24 hours a day. They are fed vegetable feed produced in Sweden.

“Gulare Gula” (eggs with a more yellow yolk) are extra rich in antioxidants thanks to the added Astaxanthin in their algae based feed.
“Bruna ägg” (brown eggs) come from brown hens.


Free-range outdoor eggs

The hens must have outdoor access all year round. They are fed regular chicken feed.

KRAV-certified Eggs

Organically produced, KRAV-certified eggs come from free-range indoor hens, with a maximum of 6 hens per square meter. Just like the regular free range indoor hens they have access to perches and nesting boxes as well as food and water 24 hours a day. But they also require outdoor access all year round, for a minimum of 12,5 hours a day between the months of May and September. They are fed organic feed, controlled by an independent accredited certifier.

ekologiska krav


Breaking the Egg Code

The first digit of the packaging code tells you how the hens live:
0 = organic hens
1 = outdoor free range hens
2 = indoor free range hens
3 = battery caged hens

The Two letters represent the country. For example: SE stands for Sweden. The last digits refers to the producer is and the very last digit shows
exactly which hen house the egg originates from.

Where to buy our eggs

Our eggs are labelled Gotlandsägg or Smålandsägg. But the majority of our eggs are sold to major retailers as their own brand.